GuitarJam Pro electric guitar iphone app
GuitarJam Pro iPhone guitar app | best iPhone guitar app
GuitarJam Pro iPhone guitar app is the best iPhone guitar app because it's so easy to play!

GuitarJam Pro iPhone guitar app is an entirely new way to play electric guitar guitar chords on the iPhone/ iPod Touch or iPad. No other guitar app is this instantly playable or powerful.

You have the power to bend chords and create realistic whammy bar effects and tremolo. Amazingly simple yet totally convincing & powerful!

Silicon BeatsOn-board drum loops by Silicon Beats provide the perfect selection of drum grooves to jam with!

Used in conjunction with RIFF (our awesome lead guitar iPhone app), you can create absolutely convincing jam sessions!

GuitarJam Pro is another awesome MasterMedia Productions iPhone App. Visist the MasterMedia Productions website.